What We Offer

At CRC we offer relational care and counselling to anyone experiencing difficulties in their lives. Our team of trained counsellors offer help to all those who need it, whatever their age, race, social background or personal beliefs. Counselling is offered in individual, group or family therapy sessions. Our counsellors can give help for a wide range of problems which people may face, including relationship issues, depressed mood, anger, grief & loss, addictions, self-esteem issues, sexual, physical & emotional abuse, marriage difficulties.

Professional Support

Clinical Supervision

The Centre for Relational Care we have two qualified clinical supervisors that can offer supervision to counsellors outside of CRC. There is an hourly fee for this service which is agreed at time of contract.

Placement Provision

The Centre for Relational Care offers support for those who are currently training to be counsellors. We offer work based learning placements as well as counselling placements. As a placement student you will receive supervised support and be line managed by Heather Howell. Counselling placements are subject to an interview and a minister’s reference as well as being certifiedĀ as fit to practice by their course tutors.




Why the community needs us

At any given time our counsellors are seeing around 40 clients. At the start and final session of counselling clients are asked to score their feelings from 1-10, where 1 is mildly upsetting to 10 which is totally incapacitating. The average person scored 7.7 before and 3.6 after finishing therapy, a positive shift on average of 4.3 (no-one reported shifting into a worse place as a result of counselling).

Our impact on the community

Clients give feedback as to how helpful the counselling and the service have been. 39% said they felt different and specifically that they felt more empowered in their lives. 21% described greater acceptance of themselves or increased self esteem. 34% found that they had a better understanding of themselves, their surroundings or others. 19% had less negative emotions or improved their positive emotions. 17% reported better communications in relationships of various kinds.


If you would like to make a donation to the work that CRC are doing then please do so by following the link to our local giving page.